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Planning a Vintage Wedding So you're about to get married! If you though that planning an entire wedding is as easy as choosing among Course A and Course B, then you have a long way to go. When you think about planning a wedding, you see yourself reading some magazines for inspiration, watching wedding videos and picturing yourself in the vintage gown of your dreams; well, these are just the start and quite frankly only the fun parts. An authentic and gorgeous vintage wedding is not entirely based on the design and style of your accessories and dresses; a vintage wedding is all about the ambience and mood of the event for the whole day. Vintage Wedding Plans Since you already know that you'd love to have a vintage wedding, time to decide if you want to go for the 100% vintage from top to bottom and everything in between or the modern wedding with artistically placed vintage twists here and there; of course it's your choice. A few factors need to be take into account as you start and finalise each and every aspect of the wedding. A Beginners Guide To Options Get some inspiration from various vintage wedding invitations available. The Ultimate Guide to Weddings When informing your guests about the actual theme of the wedding, you can always go and message and call them one by one or you can take a more stylish route and surprise them through your wedding invitation. Your wedding invitation should scream 'vintage', opt for designs that'll make your invitation look like an old photo, a forgotten telegraph or even a significant item that represents the era that you want. At your wedding venue, make sure that the colours and design corresponds with the theme. Some eras are represented by certain colours and design. For instance, the use of turquoise in vintage designs mean that it belonged to the era of the 1950's. As a bride, you have the final say in everything that goes in the wedding venue so if any vintage design calls to you and it so happens to fit the theme then go for it; you have the final say with regards to the colours, centre pieces, designs and just about every excruciating detail there is. In case you chose to go for a modern theme with a vintage twist, just be sure to incorporate everything really well since a design out of place is quite the eyesore. Search the popular meals found in the era you prefer. Almost every era has their own signature dish or drink, do a quick search on the era of your choice and try serving them during your wedding reception, that should add more vintage feels to the event. On the other hand, if you want to go for a walk down memory lane, you can opt for an old family recipe, grandma's signature dishes or even grandpa's favourite drink.

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