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Understanding AA Chips and Coins Most people classify addiction as one of many dangerous vices in the world. Effects of addiction are always dangerous and can lead to devastating outcomes. Most addictions are usually related to alcohol, drugs and substance abuse. In most cadres of the society, getting involved in addictive practices is easy but disengaging in the practices is an uphill task. To help addicts in their bid to quit addictive practices, special groups have been set up. One of such methods is the use of sobriety coins. Alcoholic Anonymous groups also known as AA groups are special groups set up to aid recovering alcoholics the world over. The groups usually have membership comprising of alcohol addicts with a clear intention to stop the vice. To achieve this resolve, the group comes up with special AA coins that are given to AA group members at different stages of rehabilitation. The coin thus symbolizes the process of disengaging from alcoholism The coin therefore acts as a medallion of success to successful addicts who have undergone rehabilitation. The material that is used to make AA coins is usually of little significance since it is the symbolism and not the material that matters. The difference in these coins is usually in the color. The coins or medallions usually have chips that are distinguished by their colors. Colors like white, yellow, red and green are the most popular colors in any AA chip. Each color represents the stage of rehabilitation of the addict hence allowing the holder to know how far they have come. Getting Creative With Treatments Advice Other objects may use to represent time taken in sobriety. It is therefore a common practice to refer to AA coins and other objects used to achieve this as AA tokens. Durations of recovery are usually split from days, weeks, months to years. Thus one who holds a white AA coin is usually in the first days of recovery. There is also a 60 day AA coin given to those who have successfully abstained from alcohol for two months. Those in their last stages of recovery which is usually one year usually hold the blue chip AA coin. Finding Ways To Keep Up With Coins There are many AA token shops that equip AA coins and chips. Special AA coins and medallions can be found in such shops. Such shops have become many in the modern world as efforts to fight addiction keep gaining momentum. It is also possible to buy them from online shops. This means that any group wishing to make purchase orders can simply go to the site availed by the AA token shop. It has been established that the success rate of AA coins in rehabilitation of alcoholics is pegged at over eighty percent.

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